Philipp Plein

With more than one hundred and twenty boutiques, from London, Paris and Monte Carlo to New York and Hong Kong, the famous German designer Philipp Plein has now opened his own monobrand boutique in the heart of Athens, in the imposing City Link building.

The design of the new Philipp Plein boutique incorporates luxurious materials combined with discreet details, Murano chandeliers and glossy surfaces with matt finishes in a perpetual play of light and shade. This creates a welcoming environment that invites each and every visitor to wander through the boutique and discover Plein’s impressive summer collection. The boutique showcases the special creations through which Philipp Plein interprets modern life in his own unique way. Challenging, imaginative and always luxurious, the famous designer’s collections are an ode to people who are passionate about life and who turn their inner wishes into reality, living each day to the full.

All Philipp Plein collections are a unique combination of street style and formal clothing. They exude a smart but unpretentious style, with leather tracksuits, sleeveless shirts, tailored jackets and luxurious evening outfits stealing the show. Besides, as Franca Sozzani, the much-loved editor of Italian Vogue, said, “Philipp Plein is unique because he has a joy of life. He doesn’t want just to create another fashionista, he makes fashion because he loves women. This is a specific, special attitude because he is one of the few.”

Contact Details:

4 Stadiou St, Athens

T: 211 1088165



Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday:


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: