Mikro Pallas Theatre

The company “Athinaika Theatra” (Athenian Theatres) was founded in 2014 and belongs to a group of businesses. It is the largest theatre production company in Greece. The company owns 7 theatres in the center of Athens, the Aliki, the Mikro Pallas, the Dimitris Horn, the Mikro Horn, the Lampeti, the Apothiki, the Emborikon and the Mousiki skini – Piraeus 131.

From October to the end of the theatrical season, the company is a leader in quality entertainment as it stages productions that soon become the “talk of the town”. These shows win over audiences, and enjoy positive reviews from critics in the media.

All productions are carefully designed, prepared in house by the company’s staff and are strongly supported by television, radio, websites, social media and printed media.

With a wide range of collaborators, expertise and insight, Athinaika Theatra offers artistic opportunities to creators and artists and presents shows that stand out for their good taste and for the care taken over their production.

During the summer season, the company arranges for selected performances to go on tour throughout Greece and, in addition, plays are staged in London and Cyprus.

The aim of the company is to upgrade the image of theatre in Greece both by carefully choosing  repertoire and by giving the public the best possible service.

Contact Details:

Athinaika Theatra Α.Ε., 147 Skiathou, Galatsi

T: 211.1000.365

E: info@a-th.gr