Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo left Italy at the age of just 14 to chase the American dream, and he definitely managed to find it. He conquered the Hollywood cinema industry with his innovative and inspired shoes, and built up an exclusive clientele of blue-blooded royals and celebrities from all over the world who have remained loyal to the fashion house and its creations up to this day.

From 1927 when the company was founded, the simplicity of line, the luxury of the materials, the ingenious techniques used in making the products and the high-quality handmade skills have been the essence of this famous brand which is the embodiment of timeless elegance. It is worth noting that, to date, all Salvatore Ferragamo products other than watches are exclusively made in Italy, and automated production methods have never replaced the handmade details for which the house is so famous.

Naturally elegant, the woman who chooses the Salvatore Ferragamo collection combines pieces from an eclectic wardrobe which is full of surprises with sophisticated accessories made from precious materials. Her inherent sense of luxury helps her to successfully combine bohemian pieces and an aristocratic style, choosing stylish dresses with pockets, functional trousers which can be matched with modern tops, a luxurious jacket made of light material and romantic dresses. We also find this same mosaic of moods in the men’s collection – a collection which perfectly balances ecru, blue, green and sophisticated earthy shades. The man who chooses Ferragamo also needs accessories such as traveling bags and backpacks, as well as two-coloured footwear with a combination of materials.

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