The Kalogirou chain of stores, which has been shaping new trends for more than 129 years, has acquired a wonderful new space in the historic city center of Athens, in the impressive City Link building.

Set in the heart of the city, Kalogirou Store presents a new concept that marks a new era, combining the classic chic character of its well-known stores with up-to-date aesthetics and culture. The company’s commitment to its values, its insistence on excellent quality and its love for innovation have led to a sophisticated environment where every visit becomes a uniquely enjoyable shopping experience!

Of course, the design of the new store follows the much-loved brand’s distinctive high aesthetic style. The white arches and mirrors on the shop front are impressively simple and come together to give a majestic “neo-romantic” look. On the ground floor, glass surfaces combine with metallic materials and luxurious leather to create unique forms and textures. The materials play with the natural light, sometimes reflecting it and sometimes absorbing it, inviting visitors to wander round the store and enjoy the fashion and design.

The curved lines of the store are highlighted by the dominant white color, creating a uniquely harmonious atmosphere and exuding an air of discreet elegance. In the men’s section of the shop, white has been replaced by shades of blue, making a more familiar environment for male shoppers, and the surfaces have been covered with wood giving the area an even more masculine style.

However, in this striking venue, the real protagonists are the much-loved fashion items from overseas fashion houses. These are a wonderful draw for visitors, inspiring them to discover current trends and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience.

The Kalogirou store in City Link remains faithful to the brand’s philosophy of “Aesthetics without limits,” and marks a new era, proving once again that classical elegance can be harmoniously combined with the realities of modern day living to give a truly impressive result!

Contact Details:

4 Stadiou St, Athens

T: 211 1088119

E: Kalogirou.Stadiou@faisgroup.gr


Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday:


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: