Salon de Bricolage

The newest and most urban edition of Salon de Bricolage, in the centre of Athens, has now developed into an extended community. The Salon de Bricolage now hosts creative Athenian groups of all kinds – artists, writers, designers, start-ups and new entrepreneurs who are involved in innovation and art, as well as certain foreign visitors.


The Salon de Bricolage welcomes everyone who wants to visit it and become part of the experience that the facilities have to offer, provided they respect the screening policy in place.


You can find the Food Trolley which serves authentic street food outside the club, in the arcade.  Before they go into the club, guests can sample food bites and cocktails from the trolley in the beautiful winter garden with bamboo armchairs and large plants.


Membership is available for members who want to make use of the benefits provided, such as admission to the affiliated members’ club abroad, free admission to special events and parties held by the venue, reservation priority and the benefits from special partnerships secured by the Salon de Bricolage.

Contact Details:

2 Amerikis, Athens

Τ: +30 210 7296500


Opening hours:

Friday – Saturday

10.00μμ – 04.00πμ


Food Trolley Opening Hours:

Friday – Saturday

12.00μμ – 04.00πμ